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My Story

Greetings soul tribe! I am Janaé. I have been traveling to Africa every summer since 2016 and I even had the pleasure of living in Dakar, Senegal for 7 months in 2017. I have gained extensive knowledge of both Senegal and The Gambia and have always looked forward to traveling to these countries each year. I have a daughter who is autistic that loves these places just as much as I do and she has learned to navigate herself in spaces that were unimaginable for me at her age. My maiden name is Janaé Morgan and I was born and raised in Chester, Pennsylvania. On July 23rd, 2022 I married the love of my life in The Gambia, The smiling coast of Africa. I now go by the name Janaé Sonko.

Africa has changed my life in many ways. I found my calling in Africa and it is now my permanent home. I live in fulfillment and walk with purpose. I love the joy that I feel while walking barefoot in the sand as the warm breeze brushes against my skin, the calmness that my soul feels every time I inhale the sweet smell of salt water and Thiouraye. I can honestly say that what I have been looking for all along, I have found it in a place so far away. A place that the soul yearns for while not being quite sure that it even exist. A place where I feel free, where any signs of stress are wiped away like a mama wiping the tears away from the eyes of her crying baby. I have finally found, peace of mind.


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